Transcript: Scholastic Chat with Christopher Ralph - February 16, 2000

moderator: Welcome to the Scholastic Auditorium. Today we will be interviewing Christopher Ralph, the actor who plays 'Tobias' on Animorphs TV. And remember to catch Christopher and the others this Sunday, Feb. 20 starting at 4:00 on Nickelodeon with a 3-part movie, 'Changes' and then another new episode at 6:30.

moderator: Today we are interviewing Christopher Ralph who plays 'Tobias' on Animorphs TV. Welcome Christopher, your first question is, are you like Tobias in real life?

Christopher: Yes - a lot of it comes from real life experiences. Certain aspects for sure - I can't fly though!

moderator: Hey, how did it feel to learn that you are ax's nephew?

Christopher: Odd, cause someone you think is a friend is also a family member and also - he's an alien! Discovering the new part of their relationship brought them together.

moderator: What morphs will you be using in Animorphs Season II?

Christopher: I'm pretty faithful to the hawk.

moderator: Christopher do you have a girlfriend and what's your horoscope sign?

Christopher: I'm a taurus and at the moment, I do have a girlfriend. She's a leo.

moderator: In the show do you return to human form forever?

Christopher: Well, I can't really answer that - you'll have to tune in and see!

moderator: Do you ever read the Animorph books, like to get a better idea of the character you play?

Christopher: Yes, I've read a lot of the books there's a lot of helpful info in them and it helps all of us play the characters better.

moderator: Have you done any other tv or movie roles?

Christopher: Yes. I worked on a show called Dear America and I had a small part in a movie called "Gossip"

moderator: What's it like working with the Andalites?

Christopher: It's fun - those animatronics are very cool. they look very life like it's better when they are actually there instead of when you add special effects later.

moderator: Christopher, can you explain a few things that will happen with you and Rachel?

Christopher: I can't really say but, we definitely have a great friendship and ...

moderator: Do you think you'll like season two better than season one?

Christopher: Not better - they're all good shows. this season is pretty exciting though!!

moderator: What animal would you want to morph into if you were an animorph?

Christopher: Some kind of bird - like Tobias. Flying is the coolest thing. Everyone wants to fly like superman.

moderator: What's your favorite band?

Christopher: U2

moderator: Where are you from?

Christopher: St. John's Newfoundland, Canada.

moderator: Do you ever watch yourself when the show comes on?

Christopher: Not a whole lot. I don't really like to watch myself on tv - I think I look kind of goofy. but I enjoy the show!

moderator: Chris-How does it feel to have numerous fan clubs, thousands of fans, and be in the spotlight?

Christopher: It's certainly flattering, but I don't think about it too much you don't want to let your head get too big!

moderator: What's your favorite food?

Christopher: I like breakfast - bacon and eggs. I like Chinese food, Thai food, cheeseburgers - those are good too!

moderator: If you had the choice to be an Animorph, would you decide to be one???

Christopher: Of course! To turn into an animal! You could fly to school! And if the world was under attack, you could help! Of course I would - who wouldn't!?

moderator: What would you do if you found out there are aliens like Yeerks here on earth???

Christopher: I'd like to be able to say that I'd be like Will Smith and save the earth - but I'd probably be freaked out! I'd probably call the Men in Black!

moderator: What is your favorite episode?

Christopher: I'll probably pick one that I'm in... the episode when I meet a secret group.. that's the one coming on this Sunday!

moderator: Have you ever messed up when you were learning your lines?

Christopher: Oh Yeah! everybody has, sometimes it's tough and you just don't have enough time!

moderator: What do you like to do off the set?

Christopher: I watch a lot of movies. A lot! I like to read and well.. nothing too special! Go out, hang out, be out with friends.

moderator: What is the strangest thing about making the show?

Christopher: Working in front of the "green screen" - the special effects that aren't there while we're filming, it's hard to act with something that's not there!

moderator: Who's your favorite actress?

Christopher: Meryl Streep is probably the best actor on earth. She's phenomenal. I like Angelina Jolie too.

moderator: Do you have a favorite book?

Christopher: I've got a couple - the most recent is called The Beach - they just made the movie, but the book is really really good.

moderator: Chris is it hard remembering all those lines?

Christopher: Yes. it is hard.

moderator: How come the hork-bajir on the show never fight the animorphs? Are the rest of the Animorphs really your best friends?

Christopher: We're all friends - we had a great time on the show and we see each other now from time to time.

moderator: Have you ever visited your fan sites on the Web?

Christopher: I actually did once when I was filming the shows. They're very flattering

moderator: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Christopher: I do - one younger brother - 21 months younger.

moderator: Have you ever been on a really great vacation?

Christopher: When I was 8 years old I went to Santa's Village in New Hampshire and it was great! They had a great log ride that I remember..

moderator: Are you afraid of any of the the animals that you work with? We'll keep it secret!

Christopher: It was kind of spooky being around the lions and tigers. You've gotta have respect when you're staring in the eyes of a tiger!

moderator: How do you like these chats?

Christopher: They're a little weird because I don't get to talk to everyone, but it's great to know what the fans are wondering about!

moderator: Would you date a fan?

Christopher: Well - I've got a girlfriend so I can't even think about it!

moderator: Do you have a special valentine?

Christopher: Yes. we went to a basketball game!

moderator: Do you get recognized at malls and stuff?

Christopher: No, not really - a couple of times I've been recognized. once at the gym. I think I look different in real life...

moderator: If you lived in the USA what state would you live in?

Christopher: Oh I don't know - probably New York or LA. LA first so that I could see Marlon Brando's house! And then I'd go back to Santa's Village in New Hampshire!

moderator: Do Boris and Shawn have girlfriends? My sister wants to know.

Christopher: I really don't know!

moderator: How's your cat, Pepper, doing?

Christopher: She's doing great. she's very happy watching the birds out the window all day

moderator: Do you play any instruments?

Christopher: Nope - I'm a big music lover but I don't actually play

moderator: Did you learn anything about animals from being on the show?

Christopher: I learned some things about the hawk when you approach it you have to make sure he sees you or he'll be startled. It's very interesting to be up close to those animals that I never would be close to otherwise.

moderator: How long does it take to shoot a episode?

Christopher: A half hour episode takes a week and that's only the filming, then it goes into editing and special effects and all that...

moderator: How old are you? What school do you go to? How long have you been acting?

Christopher: Since I was about 15

moderator: Where is the show being shot?

Christopher: In Toronto.

moderator: If you had a chance to morph into a Hork-Bajir, would you do it?

Christopher: No I wouldn't - they're so ugly and they seem kind of mean!

moderator: What was your favorite subject in school?

Christopher: Recess. No really - english, creative writing, drama... I was never really good at math

moderator: What did you think when you first saw yourself "morph"?

Christopher: I was amazed! It looks great! I couldn't believe my eyes! Thanks everyone for writing in!! If you're ever in Santa's Village.. think of me!

moderator: Thanks very much, Christopher, for joining us this evening and participating in our live interview. And thanks to all you fans out there for your great questions. Don't forget to watch Christopher and the rest of the gang in all new episodes this Sunday starting at 4:00 on Nickelodeon with a 3-part movie, 'Changes' and then another new episode at 6:30.

Scholastic / Transcript by Pam