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Actor Chris Ralph, who plays Tobias on the TV show, has a calm strength of a real hawk. He's quiet, soft-spoken, serious, and cute - a lot like Tobias.

Chris says he'd give anything to fly like a bird. But this wish only goes so far. He's not interested in snacking on field mice - he prefers pizza!

Chris has been acting since he was very young. His first role was playing a Greek warrior in The Woman of Troy, a school theater arts project. Since then, he's played roles in everything from SHAKESPEARE'S Hamlet to a comedy show called Crakt. He can perform both English and Irish accents. And what's more, he has helped build sets for some shows and worked on promotion and publicity. Chris has many talents!

As a kid, Chris didn't have any pets, but now he has one cat named Pepper. He thinks it's wild to star in a show where he shares the spotlight with a cast of animals. When he's not fighting the Yeerks, Chris likes to read and rent movies. As you know, Tobias is an incurable dreamer - and Chris also has a big, big dreams . "I would like to be successful in whatever I pursue - and I want a big red convertible." We bet that Chris will make that dream fly - for sure.

Scholastic / Transcript by Angelus Stormcrow