On The Set of In a Heartbeat

Cross Dawson's Creek with ER and whaddya have? Disney Channel's weekly series In a Heartbeat, about a group of teens who are high school students by day and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) by night. J-14 visited the set of the hit series in Toronto, Canada, where they were filming the final episode of the season to air in the coming weeks. As usual, there's plenty of rescue action, but cutie Shawn Ashmore (Tyler) reveals that there will finally be a steamy kiss between Tyler and Val (Reagan Pasternak)!

If you were Reagan, you may have wanted to spend some time rehearsing the kiss, but the actors spend most of their downtime listening to tunes in their dressing trailers. "This morning, Danso Gordon (Hank) came in and played a song that was used in the pilot. We all kind of got a little misty-eyed," admits Christopher Ralph (Jamie).

"We were just remembering that a year ago, we all met up for the first time, so it was a little sentimental." Danso adds, "It went by quick. It just seems like it was three weeks ago that we showed up to start work."

During the break, some of the stars will work on other projects, like Shawn, who left for Romania to to film a movie. "I'm happy to have the break because I'm going to sleep!" Reagan sights. "I'm promising myself I'm going to sleep for a week." Check out In a Heartbeat on Saturday nights!

Get To Know The Cast!

You recognize Shawn Ashmore from his role in last year's X-Men. On Heartbeat, Shawn's breaking (and fixing) hearts as Tyler, an all-star student and athlete who also saves lives as an EMT.

She was the lead in the MTV movie Jail Bait. Now, Reagan Pasternak is playing Val, a high school student with ambitions to not only be an EMT, but a doctor!

"He's a rebel, but not a bad kid. He's a Disney rebel," explains actor Christopher Ralph about his character, the troubled Jamie.

Danso Gordon plays the strict perfectionist Hank, who is the oldest on the EMT squad. You can still catch Danso on Saturday morning's Hang Time on NBC.

Jackie Rosenbaum plays the goth Caitie, Val's best friend. Because Caitie is not saving lives in every scene, "I've been known to play Scrabble between scenes," jokes Jackie.

Quotes & Photo Captions

The upcoming season finale finds Tyler and Val finally locking lips! "I think they should have kissed a while ago, to tell you the truth," exclaims Shawn. "It felt weird because we're such good friends," adds Reagan Pasternak. "Pretty much every time I see Shawn, I crack up laughing... and I was afraid I would laugh when we started to kiss."

"It's amazing here. We honestly all get along really well," insists Shawn, who previously starred in Animorphs with co-star Christopher Ralph. "We're all really close and really good friends. It's one big party. We laugh all the time," adds Christopher.

"I've learned how to work a stretcher and the sirens in the ambulance," jokes Shawn. "There are buttons everywhere, like a cockpit in an airplane."

"I have more appreciation for what the actors on ER have to do now," says Shawn. "They're working with blood and it's gory. I have great respect for the actors on that show who can get down all that medical terminology."

J-14 / Transcript by Pam