Transcript: AOL Chat with Christopher Ralph, Boris Cabrera and Nadia Nascimento

NickEmcee: Stayed tuned for the Nickelodeon Online Animorphs chat.

NickYapper: Hi, All! Ready to chat live with the stars of The Animorphs?

Nick Emcee: Hi NickYapper.

NickYapper: Our first guest is Boris Cabrera, send your questions for Boris now!

NickEmcee: Hi! And welcome to Nickelodeon Online's Animorph chat. Tonight you'll have the chance to chat with Animorph stars Boris Cabrera (Marco), Nadia Nascimento (Cassie) and Christopher Ralph (Tobias).

NickEmcee: Boris will be tonight's first guest.

Nick Yapper: Hi, Boris!!

Morph4Nick: Boris: Hi!

NickYapper: Any opening statements Boris?

Boris: Hello to all the Animorph fans out there.

NickEmcee: Let's start- here is our first question: Are you and the cast actually friends for real?

Boris: Yes we are. We hang out outside of work as well.

NickEm: What is the embarrassing thing you did while you were taping an episode?

Boris: Hmm...I sneezed and boogers came out of my nose! ha ha ha

NickY: Did you know that Boris' hobbies include Karate and competitive ping-pong?!
Here's our next question...

NickEm: What do u do to prepare 4 acting out lines?

Boris: I sit by myself and go over it. Usually between 15 and 30 minutes.

NickEm: What do you think of the Animorph books and how did you get the roll?

NickY: THE ROLL?? HAHAHA! Do you like bagels too?

Boris: I think the books are pretty cool because we morph into something real, unlike Power Rangers. I just went on an audition and I was very lucky to be picked!!

NickEm: Do you have a girlfriend?

Boris: No, still looking.

NickY: Any takers out there?? Wait--Boris--what's your type? WE NEED TO KNOW!

Boris: A girl who is smart and knows what she wants, and not taller than me!!

NickEm: Do you feel like you are good role models for other kids?

Boris: Yes, I do!

NickEm: If you could Morph into any animal in real life, what would it be?

Boris: A bird. An eagle because I would enjoy the feeling of being free and being able to fly. Lots of animals can run and jump but only a bird can fly.

NickY: Hey Boris--are you going to watch the Animorphs marathon on Nick from 1-6pm tomorrow?

Boris: Yes, I am!! I'll be watching with all of you.

NickEm: Do people recognize you on the street?

Boris: Kids do. Depending on where I go. If I'm around a lot of kids, odds are I'll get recognized by someone.

NickEm: Do you believe in aliens?

Boris: Yes. Yes I do.

NickEm: Haven't I seen you in other television shows?

Boris: Yes you have. I was on ER. I was a little gangster who was injured on ER. I was on a show called Walker, Texas Ranger also. I was the brother of a main character on the show. I was also on two McDonald's commercials.. one was in English and one in Spanish!

NickEmcee: Boxers or briefs?

Boris: Briefs!! Ha ha ha!!!

NickEm: How much do you think you relate to the character you play?

Boris: I relate to him in the sense that we both like to be funny and we both are really really cautious when it comes to being involved in danger. We are different in the sense that he is very insecure. I try not to be.

NickY: Coming up soon is NADIA NASCIMENTO, who plays CASSIE! Send your Qs now! But now we have one more question for Boris..

NickEm: We know you like karate and ping pong..what else do you do in your spare time?

Boris: I like to lift weights. I also like to draw in my spare time too.

NickY: Great!! Thanks, Boris--any closing comments?

Boris: The yeerks are among us, so keep your ears open!! See everybody during the marathon tomorrow!!

NickY: Stay tuned--Nadia is on the way...

NickE: Thanks Boris!!

NickY: Nadia is here!!

NickE: Hi Nadia!!

Nadia: Hi everybody!!!

NickE: Do you really love nature as much as Cassie?

Nadia: Well, I'm very spiritual and I've grown up in Vancouver. I live in the valley so nature is one of the most important things to me.

NickE: Nadia, what was it like to be in a crocodile pit?

Nadia: To be in the pit..first I was really scared because the crocodile jumped at me.. when the cameras were rolling!! After they got him tied down I was ready to fight back!

NickY: Don't miss the Animorphs special TWO-PARTER this Sunday at 8pm!! It's called THE CAPTURE (there's also a new show open--it's GREAT!)

NickEm: Nadia--why do you morph into a male lion and not a lioness?

Nadia: Hmm... I don't morph into a lion!! That's Rachel, but it's still a really.. question!! Ha ha ha!!

NickEm: Nadia- do you have a boyfriend?

Nadia: Ooohh.. I just broke up with my boyfriend... but if you're single... Ha ha ha... but Jake is someone that Cassie might have a crush on.

NickEm: Do you enjoy working with the animals?

Nadia: It's one of my favorite things...the worst animal I had to work with was a cockroach!! They had to turn off all the sound off on the cameras because I was screaming...

NickY: Did you have to touch it??? GROSS!!

Nadia: The whole time!! It was disgusting. I had to hold it in my hand!!!


Nadia: I actually threw it on the ground and I had to chase it!!! But the boys were more scared than the girls were, which was funny!! I love working with the lion, though.

NickEm: Who is the most famous person you've ever met?

Nadia: Hmm... I met Elizabeth Taylor when I worked at Imax theater. I kept her 3-D glasses that she watched the movie with!

NickY: Wow! Do you still have them?

Nadia: I called all the radio stations in Vancouver and told them that she was in town and I got in trouble with my boss actually! Ha ha ha. I do still have them, they are in my bedroom, but no one is allowed to touch them!!

NickEm: Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?

Nadia: Oooh...a leprechaun!! I could get lots of wishes out of him!! Ha ha ha!!

NickEm: Are you friends with Tobias in real life?

Nadia: Tobias is a really good friend of mine. When I moved to Toronto we spent a lot of time together on weekends because we are so close in age. We would go out dancing alot with our friends. And the rest of the cast too.

NickEm: Who in the cast has read the most Animorphs books?

Nadia: I wish I could say it was me, but I think Brooke who plays Rachel wins that one. I've read up to 19 and I've read the Andalite Chronicles. Those are my favorites!

NickE: Nadia, do you ever have any lines that you cringe at when you read them?

Nadia: I have to admit once in a while I do... I do cringe when they make me give lectures to my friends all the time. I have a hard time doing that, but otherwise I think the scripts are really well written.

NickE: Can Cassie ever be with Jake? Like boyfriend and girlfriend?

Nadia: Oh you'll have to watch for next season to find out, but hopefully there will be some romance in Animorphs with Jake and Cassie. I sure hope so.. Ha ha!

NickE: What television shows do you like to watch?

Nadia: Obviously my favorite show is Animorphs!! But otherwise I like to watch Friends and Frasier. I don't really watch a lot of television.

NickE: Is anyone allergic to the animals?

Nadia: I think we are all allergic to the fox. He's really smelly and we all end up feeling pretty sick afterwards! Ha ha!!

NickE: I love the show? What is the best part about making it?

Nadia: The best part is working with all of my cast members. And having to spend time with the animals, and eating a lot of junkfood. A lot!! Ha ha ha!

NickE: Tell us about the new episode on Sunday night. I can't wait!!!!

Nadia: I can't tell you everything, but it's going to be the best episode yet!! You'll be really surprised! Hope you like it!!

NickE: What will you snack on tomorrow while watching the marathon on Nick from 1-6pm?

Nadia: My sister bought me a milkshake maker for Christmas so we've been making milkshakes about five times a day. I think I'll be having Oreo milkshakes the entire time! And eating lots of licorice. That's my favorite food.

NickE: What is the most extreme thing a fan has ever done for you?

Nadia: A little girl from California used to make phone calls all the time without her parents knowing. It was actually more extreme for her parents since they got the phone bills! But otherwise the fans have been really good about hanging out with us we have lots of fun.

NickY: CHRISTOPHER RALPH who plays TOBIAS is up next.. but first a few more Qs for Nadia...

NickE: I love your fashion sense on the show. Do you choose your own clothes?

Nadia: I try to have as much say as I can because I love to be comfortable but I always need to be in sneakers and jeans. But my favorite was the overalls cause I could stash so much stuff in my pockets to keep the cast happy with candy the whole day. I'm such a candy fiend. Ha ha!

NickE: Nadia, do you ever get nervous when you are in front of the camera?

Nadia: Never. It's my passion. If the camera isn't on me, something is missing I think. I'm a real camera hog, I think!

NickY: Ok--one last question for Nadia..

NickE: Do you have a crush on any of the cast members? If so, who?

Nadia: Oh no, ha ha!! I can't tell you that. That's a secret. Maybe I'll tell you next chat! Ha ha!!

NickY: THANK, NADIA!! Any closing comments?

Nadia: I hope you all enjoy The Capture. Everyone bring their licorice and milkshakes and send me a letter sometime and I'll write you back!! Look out for Yeerks!! XOXO Bye!!

NickE: Thanks Nadia!! Bye!

NickY: Welcome Christopher Ralph, who plays Tobias!! (he looks cute)

NickE: Hi Christopher!

Chris: Hi, how's it going??

NickY: Shall we call you Chris or Christopher?

Chris: Either is fine.

NickEm: Do you know that all your fans think that you are totally cute?

Chris: Ha! No I wasn't really aware of that, but thanks!!

NickE: Are you anything like Tobias?

Chris: A little bit I guess...we aren't identical. We are both a bit of loners, shy.. I had a happy child which makes me a little different from him. Ha! Childhood I mean! haha!

NickYap: You two look a little bit alike.

NickE: Who would you want a screen kiss from.

Chris: I've been told that! Oh my goodness... I'll pass on that one I think. I don't think I want to say.

NickE: Chris- Is there going to be any romance between Tobias and Rachel?

Chris: I think that there might be a little bit, but you'll have to tune in to find out!

NickE: What's your favorite tv show?

Chris: Hmmm... I used to like Seinfeld a lot till that went off the air. I actually don't watch very much television right now.

NickE: Do you surf the web?

Chris: No, I don't. I don't know much about computers or any of that which I guess is not a good thing these days, huh?

NickE: What do you think it feels like to have a Yeerk crawl into your ear?

Chris: I don't think it would feel very good. Of course you'd have no control over yourself so that wouldn't be a very good thing either!! Ha ha!

NickE: What has been your favorite special effect on the show so far?

Chris: My favorite special effect has definitely been the morphing.. it's really cool to see us all turn into animals.

NickE: Are you a big science fiction fan?

Chris: I like science fiction. I love Star Wars and I can't wait for the new movie.

NickY: Which Star Wars flick was your fave?

Chris: Return of the Jedi.. I like the fight scene between Luke and Darth Vader. And Jabba the Hutt was pretty cool too.

NickE: Everyone wants to know again... boxers or briefs?

Chris: Are you serious? Ha ha.. I don't think I'd like to discuss that right now.. maybe next time. Ha ha!!

NickE: Do you have a fan club? How can I join?

Chris: I'm not sure actually if I have a fan club, but you can certainly write letters to us at the show. Or go to the website There is also plenty of stuff at

NickE: How do you feel about your new Sunday night at 8pm time slot?

Chris: Very exciting..I hope that a lot more people will have the opportunity to watch and enjoy the show!

NickE: What cool stuff can we look forward to in upcoming episodes?

Chris: Well, I can drop a hint that something very interesting may happen to Tobias, so keep watching!!

NickE: Would you ever date a fan?

Chris: Ha ha!

NickY: Well...???

Chris: Who knows?? I really don't know. I haven't yet, but you never know.

NickE: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Chris: I like to see a lot of movie, I like to read a lot of books, I also just like to hang out with my friends a lot too.

NickE: What was the best day of your life?

Chris: Wow... that's tough.. probably the day I did a show in Newfoundland. It was the first standing ovation I ever got!! I'll never forgot that!

NickE: Who do you idolize?

Chris: lots of actors... Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro. Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Marlon Brando! Definitely Marlon Brando.

NickE: What is your favorite episode of the Animorphs?

Chris: Well, the Capture is a really really great episode... probably the best that will air so far... but I am partial to the episode where I get to come back as a human for a little while.

NickY: The CAPTURE is on Sunday night at 8pm -- and its a TWO-PARTER!! Don't miss it!! Time for one last question... ready..

NickE: Do you hang out with the stars of the show?

Chris: Whenever we are in the same city we always do we all get along really really well. They are a great bunch of people!!

NickY: Other than reminding everyone to watch the Animorphs marathon tomorrow on Nick.. and to remember to watch the show in its new time slot on Sunday nights at 8pm... and to watch the two-parter this Sunday... ANY CLOSING COMMENTS???

Chris: Thanks to everyone who sent in questions I'm happy so many people watch the show please tell your friends, and have a great time!! Thanks!!

NickE: Thanks Christopher. Great chatting with you!!

NickY: Thanks, Christopher!!

NickE: Thanks for joining us tonight! And remember to watch the Animorphs marathon tomorrow on Nickelodeon!

NickY: BYE!!!

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